Holiday Hysteria

We booked our first holiday to Majorca for April because it wouldn’t be too warm for River and it would be fairly quiet for us. I was dreading it. Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t wait to get away for some vitamin D and to have my tea out every night but I was dreading the B.O.P.

Baby On Plane.

I was dreading the looks from other passengers as I imagined my 8 month old baby screaming as we took off, landed, passed turbulence or passed the in-flight magazine around. I dreaded the 2.5 hour flight with a 24lb hulk baby wiggling to get out from the 6 inch legroom you get as standard. I dreaded the moment I would inevitably have to breastfeed in front of a stranger. Not to mention when we got there and how I dreaded the evenings after carefully getting River into a routine of just 2 night wakes with a strict diet of blackout blinds and white noise.

We got to the airport and my palms were sweaty but so far, so good. Despite being awake at 3am River had napped well on the way to the airport and was just taking everything in like Norris Cole on bin day. We boarded, a stag party sat behind us, a row of newly appointed holiday reps in front of us. Shit. They were here for a good time and here I was sat with an atom bomb ready to create at any given second.

We took off, River clapped. He loved it. Once the game of “hitting the chair in front until the pretty lady turns round” wore off Frankie was quiet. So was River. He had a feed (no one said anything) and FELL ASLEEP!!  He slept for the whole journey and only woke when I had to strap him back in. I couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t eaten for a week worrying about this journey and the little melt slept the whole way.

We landed, he clapped. I cried internally. The stag party clapped him, the reps clapped him. It was all over.

We got to the night time and despite not having my military operation routine in place he went down without a hiccup and slept without issue.

In conclusion, do not dread it. It will likely work out just fine!


Best holiday of my life.


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