Regression, regression go away, come back another day

Everyone is obsessed with babies sleeping through. What they don’t tell you is that babies will sleep through for one whole night between 10,000 sleep regressions. They occur at various stages throughout a tiny person’s life and I’m currently experiencing the 4 month sleep regression which has been on going since November. Basically it means your tiny dictator will wake up every 45 minutes to 2 hours for comfort and demand you put them back to sleep and they writhe around banging their tiny angry fists against your face because they are over tired.

Last night we had a bit of joy, River slept for 6 and a half hours straight before waking for a feed. 6 and a half hours. That was comparable to two weeks in the Bahamas for me. 6 and a half hours… oh my word. I skipped to his cot, picked him up and professed my love to the wonderful little thing that had slept by himself for 6 and a half hours. As I lovingly stroked his head and whispered how proud I was of him he threw up his whole evening supply of milk and solids down my chest.


Never celebrate victory, it’s when they know you’re at you’re most vulnerable.

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