Regression Depression

Before giving birth I remember texting with my friend Lisa about how scared I was and how I was probably never going to have another because I was so frightened. We talked about how people say that your second isn’t as bad as your first and Lisa very honestly said “It’s worse the second time round as you’ve forgotten the intensity of the pain until the first contraction and a wave of panic overwhelms you when you relive it!”

That’s exactly how I feel about sleep regressions. The first one was hideous but as soon as the second one hit my whole body went into overwhelmed panic! Suddenly you remember how it feels to have 5 minutes sleep, rickets and a back like a question mark from standing in the dark all night trying to cajole a tiny willful beast into going back to sleep.

The first sleep regression according to everyone Mumsnet should have only lasted 2-4 weeks. River, being quite the overachiever, managed to stretch his out for almost 6 months. That’s right! My little bundle of joy went from sleeping through from 8 til 7 to waking every 45 minutes-2 hours for s-i-x- w-h-o-l-e- m-o-n-t-h-s.

I’ve mentioned in a few posts about how obsessed I am with River’s sleep and this is exactly why. I tried everything in those months; sleep patterns, stuffing him to his brim with food before bed even to the point of sending Frankie in with bottles to see if the jerk was playing me like a fiddle. I was a basket case. I cried, I accepted, I resisted, I cried, I didn’t sleep and I overcame. Eventually he learned to sleep again and we all lived in harmonious bliss… for some* weeks. (*about 7 give or take)

This week River began to resist his naps and I knew something was up. I mean the giant pig wouldn’t sleep at night consistently for over half of this stubborn little life but he’s pretty much been a champion snoozer through the day. I could bank on an afternoon nap everyday whilst he snuggled into his definitely not cot suitable blanket, I usually got about an hour and a half unless Amazon swung by with something else I definitely shouldn’t have bought. But all of a sudden this was out the window, he wouldn’t snuggle in, he knew the blanket wasn’t cot suitable and he wouldn’t lie down. It was like my water’s breaking again, I knew something painful was coming. Sure enough, bam. 45 minutes after being put down that evening -hysterical crying! Nooooo! I can’t, I won’t! I didn’t sign up for this. Give me the epidural.

Last night he woke up a total of seven times. SEVEN!

So that’s where we are. I have no idea how long this second labour regression is going to last but I do know it is as bad as the first time and you don’t forget the pain.

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  1. My little one has gone back and forth with regression. It’s been a mixture of teething and reflux. I am with you lol. Here’s to hopefully getting more sleep.


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