A short post; a long point

Today I attended my first annual big global latch on with River, I say first because I have no idea if he will still be breastfeeding at 2 years old. Yes, I meant to say he, because he’s in charge.

It’s funny that even writing that might shock some people; that feeding my child past 6 months old is still something that some people curl their toes at. I’m not ashamed and I’m very open to questions about it but it’s insane that literally feeding my baby is a topic that seems to be up for opinion. It’s like if I slapped a sandwich out of your hand because I saw it had mayonnaise on it.

Today I attended a group where 39 woman fed their children at the same time which was echoed around the world. At the time of publication 3096 women were counted as feeding at the same time. All in the name of support and normalizing breastfeeding. Normalizing feeding in public. Normalizing feeding past weaning. Normalizing feeding on demand.

Imagine if breastfeeding past 6 months wasn’t seen as “controversial” or “out there” and that number reflected even a single digit on the percentage of children being fed at that time.

Encourage the ladies in your life who are breastfeeding that it’s normal and there is no “expiration” on boobing.

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