Virus, rashes and birthdays… Oh my!

Since River was very young he has had problems with his chest, and no I don’t just mean the volume of his cries. He’s just been up and mostly down with colds and viruses.

I mainly attribute that to my genes, my paternal genes are somewhat chesty so it’s inevitable he will suffer the same fate as me, but the occasional sideways eyes are given to those who dare to come within 10ft of my child with even the sniffliest of colds. Even a hayfevered sneeze gets a good glare.

The last fortnight has been a bit of a rough ride and he has been pretty down with a viral chest infection, bacterial ear infection and a hideous viral rash that would make Mr Blobby blush. But all is not lost! We’ve had a birthday in the middle of all the gloom.

Yes, my baby is no longer a baby! I believe (from urbandictionary) that the correct term is now Toddler. Makes sense because he toddles round our house destroying everything like Godzilla. Godzilla on steroids and he’s pissed about anything being at a 90 degree angle in his path. Even the toilet roll holder is unacceptable to River, and it is slapped flat to the floor at any given opportunity.

Top 5 favourite (from around the time of his) birthday moments include:

  1. Crying after being stuck at the hospital for hours and getting home to a helium balloon and just slowly clapping as a final tear rolled down his face. The balloon then cheered him up and he sat merrily bobbing it up and down all through his tea. Small things
  2. Looking absolutely perplexed at a candle and looking at us like we were crazy when presented to him on his birthday cake
  3. Being thrilled by a giant picture of himself on his birthday card and refusing to put it down
  4. Squealing with delight as he tried to slither into the lemur enclosure at Blackpool Zoo, only managing to grab him back by the tips of his fingers
  5. Putting himself in his paddling pool 450 times after some initial hesitation and then wouldn’t be stopped. Even after returning to normal dry clothes.

He’s still feeling pretty lousy but the smile doesn’t fade and the mischief is not even close to managed.

Happy first orbit round the sun, son.

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