A Little Learning for my Messy Marker

"A messy baby is a happy baby" How often do we hear this but recoil at the idea of cornflakes covered in purple poster paint being pebble dashed up your living room wall whilst externally smiling to build your small artist's confidence but inside your patience gauge has just hit "chernobyl." I recently started taking... Continue Reading →

A Wales of a Time

In June we attended a Convention for an American TV show called "Once Upon a Time" in Birmingham and on my first night flying solo from River and Frankie I attended a Champagne(less) reception to meet one of the main cast members. During this few hours I met the lovliest gang of ladies a person... Continue Reading →

Fright Night

I can see why everyone talks about "baby brain" now that I am living it. I'm not convinced it's just because the brain shrinks during pregnancy but also because the blood drains from all organs every five seconds after your child does something else that makes your heart stop. It has no time to recover.... Continue Reading →

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