Deciphering Demands

Let me tell you what I'm living through at the minute - a toddler who wants something very specific based on ideas gained from his new learning but who can't tell me what this very specific request is. Or when he can, it's absolutely fucking bonkers. Like wanting to eat four potato waffles and a... Continue Reading →

A Wellie Wander

River isn't our first son, we have an array of furry children and one of those is Benji our almost 7 year old Jack Russell Terrorist I mean Terrior. Juggling both River and Benji was a sometimes a bit of a struggle when River was immobile and even worse when he was mobile but uncontrollable... Continue Reading →

An Infant Infiltrator

Before River came along Frankie and I had a conversation about how we were scared about having this bomb placed in the middle of our relationship. We were so close and the thought of an infiltration from an uncontrollable humanoid was a worrying prospect. At the time of the conversation I remember saying to her... Continue Reading →

A Wales of a Time

In June we attended a Convention for an American TV show called "Once Upon a Time" in Birmingham and on my first night flying solo from River and Frankie I attended a Champagne(less) reception to meet one of the main cast members. During this few hours I met the lovliest gang of ladies a person... Continue Reading →

Ambleside Christmas Lights 2.0

After last year's disaster (a reminder) we made the pilgrimage back to Ambleside for the Christmas Lantern Parade 2.0. I had been to the doctor's to check up on some moles that I was worried about the week or so before and was half expecting to be rushed in for another bit of me cut... Continue Reading →

Life In The In-between

We are currently living in purgatory and quite honestly the Catholics played it down. We are one foot in "baby", one foot in "big boy" and balls deep in "malfunction junction." For a few weeks River has been observing us and how we go about our daily actions such as eating lunch and dinner. He's... Continue Reading →

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