Regression Depression

Before giving birth I remember texting with my friend Lisa about how scared I was and how I was probably never going to have another because I was so frightened. We talked about how people say that your second isn't as bad as your first and Lisa very honestly said "It's worse the second time... Continue Reading →

All worked up about a 9 to 5.

364 days ago (exactly) I packed up my desk, ready to end work for my maternity leave. It was only 09:05 but I was making sure I was going to be ready to go dead on 17:00, no hanging around for me! I dithered about for the rest of my last day answering the question... Continue Reading →

Holiday Hysteria

We booked our first holiday to Majorca for April because it wouldn't be too warm for River and it would be fairly quiet for us. I was dreading it. Don't get me wrong, I couldn't wait to get away for some vitamin D and to have my tea out every night but I was dreading... Continue Reading →

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